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YellowHeart’s bound to achieve great success. What’s HRTS?

YellowHeart’s bound to achieve great success. What’s HRTS?  


The YellowHeart Protocol is an innovative project that aims to solve problems plaguing the live event ticketing industry. The company offers impressive features along with its trending native token, HRTS. The team plans to launch the latter on May 10, 2022. The ICO sale will end on May 11, 2022, though. The price of this ERC20 token will be 0.1 USD during the initial coin offering. However, its value will increase in the future. The total supply of tokens is 692,000,000, but only 1.2% will be available at this stage. The company aims to raise 8,000,000 with the sale.  

According to the YellowHeart team, the ticketing industry is antiquated, and it sorely needs some changes. Nowadays, this field offers a terrible experience characterized by scalpers and fraud, as well as technology that hasn’t evolved beyond the barcode. That’s why the YellowHeart Protocol decided to use advanced blockchain technologies to address various problems.

The company will offer tickets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The HRTS (pronounced “Hearts”) utility token will also enhance the new capabilities of those NFTs. These Web3 technologies are already transforming what tickets can do and how they are created, sold, and resold. However, the team founded the YellowHeart Protocol to bring together an entire ecosystem – composed of artists, brands, fans, sports teams, event promoters, venues, and more – to participate in the leap forward.

While traditional tickets are pretty straightforward and boring, with only one purpose, NFT tickets offer music, video, and engaging experiences. Moreover, they enable artists to communicate directly with their fans and provide venues and artists with a share of the proceeds any time a ticket is resold.



What other benefits does this platform offer? 

The idea of Ticket NFTs is charming, but it’s not the only benefit that YellowHeart offers. The company also created its own marketplace that will provide music NFTs, collectible NFTs, and community NFTs. The musicians will get a chance to participate in the NFT revolution, where a rapidly growing community of creators are joining the artists like The Beatles, Maroon 5, and XXX Tentacion. With the launch of the HRTS token, anyone will be able to join this community. In addition, HRTS token holders will have the opportunity to engage with each other in innovative ways. Together the users will create a decentralized, peer-to-peer platform for ticketing and entertainment.

The live event industry is massive, and it’s still growing. Concerts, sports, conferences, theme parks, Broadway, Vegas, festivals, clubs, museums, comedy, cinemas – there are so many events that it encompasses. And there is more potential in metaverse events still to come.

Thanks to blockchain technology, artists can now sell their music and tickets directly to fans via NFTs. They are creating a whole new economy, harnessing NFTs to bypass today’s ticket scalpers, intermediaries, and distribution gatekeepers. The YellowHeart Protocol will bring the utility of NFTs to these enormous markets. The company offers a full-featured, end-to-end platform for both ticket NFTs and music NFTs.

Moreover, the team offers game-changing improvements for ticket and music NFT issuers. YellowHeart NFTs allow users to participate in resale revenues, as well as message and market directly to the fans that purchase their NFTs.


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