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What is Showtime NFT?

What is Showtime NFT?

Are you one of those big NFT fans who were intrigued to learn about the famous Showtime NFT? Given the incredible hype that has been created in the last couple of years around NFTs, it is no wonder why there’s an incredible amount of interest in another extremely popular Showtime NFT.

Whether you are a beginner and do not know much about the crypto universe, or you already have some knowledge about it, it is always interesting to know which NFTs are worth investing in as a potential investor.

As the name suggests, “Showtime art” somehow covers the high-quality NFT crypto art that can boast of its extraordinary, unique visuals. However, what does Showtime NFT mean? Is it a token itself, or does it include a lot of other exciting NFTs?

Let’s find out, starting with the basic definition, shall we?

Showtime NFT – explained

Showtime NFT represents a social media network for digital artists, creators, and collectors, which they use to showcase their high-quality digital art. It came live in March 2021. According to the team behind Showtime, the platform will be wholly owned and governed by its devoted users. In addition to that, it will be free of Web2 advertising.

Some individuals refer to it as a showtime NFT marketplace that lists all marketplaces. So, instead of purchasing and selling NFTs there, you are able to like and comment on them at your will.

The main goal behind the Showtime NFT marketplace or a platform, as many call it, is to enable users to do all the bunch of things that Instagram does. You can observe Showtime NFT as a digital museum gallery for NFT lovers!

Features of Showtime NFT

Currently, features supported by this platform include both author and NFT ratings by popularity, comments, sharing, links, and NFT favorites. In April 2021, the team introduced a news feed on the Showtime platform that allowed users to:

Browse digital art
Following new collectors and creators
Liking publications
Commenting publications
Sharing publications

Since the platform became extremely popular among the NFT devotees in a short period, already a significant number of NFT artists have joined it, including:

Mr Misang
Josh Pierce

Funding of the Showtime platform

When it comes to funding, the Showtime platform has raised $7.6 million in May 2021. It was made possible with participation from crypto investment firm Paradigm and DJ 3LAU, which is well-known in the world as a part of the SSX3LAU artistic duo.

Among a significant number of prominent industry figures and its seed investors, here are some of the most famous names:

Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares
Meltem Demirors
K2 Global founder Minal Hasan
DeFi Rate’s Cooper Turley

Who is the founder of Showtime?


The co-founder and the CEO of the Showtime NFT are Alex Masmej, who got into the crypto world of art back in 2017. His first invention was the so-called “Alex token” that he had developed in order to fund his life and use it while he was looking for a co-founder for his big NFT idea in San Francisco.

While he was in Paris, only known for his Alex token, he decided to crowdfund $40,000. The thing he had in mind was an NFT piece of art, so that’s where the idea for the Showtime NFT marketplace and crypto art NFT appeared. In his mind, it was like – you purchase something, and then you invest in someone with the Aley token and crypto coin.

What inspired Alex for Showcase NFT?

According to Alex, NFTs are revolutionizing social media. So, while he was developing his idea for Showtime NFT, he had in mind an entirely new way of creating and displaying social media content online, not only as financial assets but also as a precious art.

He chose digital arts for his startup because he sees it as the “most economically viable option at the moment since art in the art world can be expensive”. The majority of people from all over the world aren’t buying art daily.

Also, he stated that NFTs are the easiest thing to buy online, and he describes them as a type of alternative to something like eBay or Shopify, for example. However, according to him, Non-Fungible tokens are even more manageable since they can be 100% margin if anyone wants them to.

Showtime NFT marketplace by Alex


What also inspired Alex to create Showtime is that he thought the market for NFTs was pretty big. For example, the whitespace is huge for startups. As a “French outsider who thought social media was his only way to get into tech”, he created the particular Showtime marketplace.

He was experienced enough in social media, and he knew how to build these products. So, as a social media fan and NFT digital art admirer, it’s no wonder whence the famous social media platform for NFT appeared, which everyone in the community knows as “Showtime”!

His startup became so successful, and even though Alex hasn’t developed a clear vision of the following steps for them, he stated that it would probably be everything “from digital art to all kinds of content”.

Understanding Showtime NFT better

Practically, according to Alex’s statements, Showtime is the platform that most resembles Instagram and in which only NFT is decentralized. So basically, everything else, including comments, and likes, is centralized. Their goal is to move and build products faster to see if people care about them in the first place.

What Showcase creators consider is that as blockchain scales, they would put all these interactions on a chain. It means that an individual’s social identity online that they own online with their crypto wallet is also able to be used in any other front end that reads this social graph infrastructure.

They aim to be the open social graph that will enable any developer on the planet to build a new platform on top. Showtime began once they opened an NFT platform with dozens of 1000s of accounts, which felt great for them because nowadays, crypto composability can be used to bootstrap a social graph from zero. There are a bunch of hidden jewels in the blockchain technology data to be used yet.

According to Alex, his vision is that developers are able to serve you up on the platform. So, whichever you decide to choose, you’ll have to pay a fee or something for the UX, for example.

Why crypto art?

Once again, from the Non-Fungible Token universe to the crypto native perspective to Alex, crypto art is the most popular and most decentralized one. It seems that crypto art is “the most consumer use case”. Besides that, Alex describes digital art as unique visual content.

The idea for Showtime was to be able to scale to expand from digital art to any photos, videos, and memes, in the same way as Instagram started with famous liking your friend’s food to liking the influencer platform now.

They think they can bridge from the Creator, the digital artists as a beached to a much greater market afterwards. Thus, they hope for the cryptocurrency infrastructure to scale so that they will make these things possible.

At the moment, digital arts represent the only economically viable thing anyone is able to do with this. So, creators aim for Showtime NFT to bridge to something completely different since its the precisely the same visual content format. Hence, the UX they were building can be reused for numerous other use cases.

What NFT artwork can you find on Showtime?

Since this is an NFT crypto art platform that most closely resembles Instagram visually, you will be presented with many exciting visuals in the form of NFTs.

Some of the famous and most recent NFTs you can find on the Showtime NFT platform, among numerous other ones, are:


“Sain muscle” by yas_habibzadeh, inspired by human body anatomy.
“Möbius” NFT in a video form by Polish-born concept designer Matt Tkacz
“Music of Universe” by Silky Way Art with violin combined with the full moon, stars, etc.
“Saint String” by rakis represents the earliest known records of the Andromeda culture.
“Euphoria” by Seray has three words in its description: “healthy, happiness, hopeful.”
“Arrows are red” by Git uses vibrant colors and funky characters.
“heartshaped lips” by BaharAkkoyun represents red lips in the shape of the heart.
“Dayak Musician -2” by PBI. It represents a musician from Borneo, Indonesia, playing an instrument in front of his children.
“Gnocchi boy” by Mikegrillmadeit states, “Everything that lives and moves will be food for you….”
“Locked Fallboard Etude Op. 3 No.” by Max Nova includes a video of piano and composition with the hashtag #analoguescarcity.

To see more available NFT artwork on the Showtime platform, you must sign in with your email address or with your wallet. These NFT examples are just some of the many you will encounter on this famous Showtime NFT marketplace!


Although there is still a lack of regulation for the NFT market and cryptocurrencies in general, it is no wonder that NFT will still flourish when it comes to sales and investment. New oils appear from talented creators whose price will only grow every day.

It’s up to you to be intelligent and intuitive about the NFT and the virtual world in general and think carefully before investing in a particular Non-Fungible Token. What is certain is that the Showtime NFT platform is user-friendly and very useful for all those who are fans of good visual art.

We are sure that you will find many exciting examples worth investing in!

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