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OANDA Secures Deal To Sponsor New York Red Bulls Team

OANDA Secures Deal To Sponsor New York Red Bulls Team

Until recently, it was rarely witnessed of trading platforms segregate huge amounts of their advertising budget in the highly expensive medium that mainly targets renowned soccer team sponsorship.
Whilst this type of commercial advertising is highly costly, it is very high profile and in the case of these well-established teams, comes with more than a degree of kudos.

The latest trading platform to sign a sponsorship deal with a world-renowned soccer team is OANDA. A US-based soccer team New York Red Bulls on Friday announced that they will on an official basis partner with OANDA.

As part of this particular partnership, OANDA will play as the club’s official jersey sleeve patch partner. In addition, there will be an exclusive OANDA logo on the team attires, and EA Sports will be required to add the sleeve patch in the FIFA video games.

The deal not only stands at jersey but extends to Red Bull assets, not forgetting to include experiential and branding assets at Red Bull events and media features. The New York participation in Major League Soccer is such a lucrative and high ticket value, which impacts both locally and globally.

Gavin Bambury, the Chief Executive Officer of OANDA, welcomed the deal by issuing a corporate statement: “It is an exciting opportunity to partner with the New York Red Bulls, one of the most inspiring clubs in Major League Soccer. We look forward to celebrating their success on the pitch and introducing OANDA’s world-class brand and platform to new audiences. ”

Additionally, Marc de Grandpré, the General Manager of New York Red Bulls, concluded that “We are thrilled to welcome OANDA to the Red Bull family. We are extremely proud to be the first sports industry partner for OANDA and look forward to driving increased awareness for them in the marketplace with our unique, multifaceted partnership.”

FIFA World Cup Unfulfilled Expectation

With the eagerly awaited FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the trend of trading platforms taking charge of football partnerships will not be avoided. In the report released in March,, one of the greatest growing digital asset firms is expected to sponsor the show.

Although the deal has not yet been put on paper, the actualization of the deal will be the first of such high-profile sponsorship deals in football history.

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